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Why Dog Daycare

Dog daycare is a valuable alternative to leaving your pet home in a crate for hours while you are at work.  While you are away at work your pet is home waiting for you to play and entertain them and give them the excercise they need and deserve.  The lack of adequate stimulation caused by prolonged periods of alone time can lead to the development of many common behavioral problems like barking, chewing, separation anxiety, and over exitement when their human returns home.  This can lead to very wonderful dogs being relinquished to animal shelters. When the vast majority of the problems can be traced back to the lack of exccercise and mental stimulation.


CPBNB Dog Daycare is here to help.  We started the daycare portion of our business to help owners find a positive outlet for their furry friend's energy and to provide a positive, loving environment for your dogs to socialize and interact in a pack environment.  At CPBNB your dog will spend the day playing with toys, humans, and other dogs, or just relaxing on our comfy pet beds.


Dog Daycare provides so many positive benefits for your dog.  Dogs need to be able to interact in a safe, controlled environment with other friendly dogs.  Here at CPBNB they will receive all of this and the ability to run and play off leash, which is essential to their emotional and physical well being.  Dogs are social animals and require socialization around other dogs and people.  This builds positive canine social behavior and an outlet for normal dog behavior.


Doggie Daycare
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